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Skillz promo code solitaire – Updated for the year 2023

skillz promo code solitaire

Skillz promo code solitaire – Updated for the year 2023

Skillz app uses promo codes as a way of promoting their games. They give each new player a unique promo code and reward them when they share it with others. Online retailers often use a wide-ranging promotional marketing approach that makes use of alphanumeric strings called “promotional codes” to entice customers to make purchases via the store’s website. A coupon code’s related discount may be applied to a single item or to the whole shopping cart.

List of Skillz promo codes for solitaire games

  • EnciK
  • BADFISH1979
  • 1KRUK0
  • PC2022
  • BONUS20

3 Easy steps to use Promo Codes on skillz games

Microsoft claims that a promotional code, sometimes called a coupon code or discount code, is a string of alphanumeric characters. It serves a particular goal, like a Christmas advertising campaign. Here are the 3 Easy steps to use Promo Codes on skillz games:

  1. Create an account, download any free Skillz game, and play two practice games.
  2. Activate the Store tab. After entering your promo code, tap the Enter Promo Code button and choose Done.
  3. Finally, choose the deposit amount you want to make and input your payment information. Done! You are prepared to participate in real money competitions.

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Access the game’s store from the main menu. After choosing the retailer, click “Get Bonus Cash and Invite Friends.” Discount codes are shown in the page footer. It may be copied and sent to relatives and friends as an open invitation to participate in any Skillz game.

How do you get free bonus cash on Skillz?

Referring your friends to Skillz is a fantastic way to increase your Bonus Cash balance. All you have to do is launch your preferred Skillz app and swipe right to access the side menu. Select Get Cash Bonuses, and then SHARE. Share your own invite link by text, email, or your preferred messaging service. Inviting a friend to Skillz through your referral link will earn you both Bonus Cash upon your buddy’s first deposit.

There are Trophies that may be earned that come with extra cash bonuses. Slide out the main menu on the Skillz home screen, and then touch Trophies to see your current Trophy total. When you’ve earned a trophy, you may collect your prize by selecting “Claim Prize.” To compete for actual money prizes, you may spend your Bonus Cash to join tournaments. If you try to withdraw any Bonus Cash, you will lose it permanently.

As a general rule, 90% of the match entrance fee should be paid in actual money and 10% in bonus money. You may only use Bonus Cash to pay for 90% of the admission cost, so if you don’t have that much, it will go toward covering the rest.If you are a winner, you will get a refund using the same method you used to enter the contest (split between real and Bonus Cash). Your wins, however, are hard currency and not just a return on your investment.

Offers of Extra Money Are Only Available for a Limited Time

Stay informed about Skillz’s newest discounts by signing up for their email list. Launch your preferred Skillz app and swipe out of the menu on the right to access the subscription option. If you’d want to be contacted about Skillz goods and offers, click the box labeled “I agree to being contacted about Skillz products and offers” under Account > Personal Info.

Find out whether your favorite Skillz app has any discounts by visiting the Store screen. There will be a timer shown on limited-time deals that counts down the remaining time before the offer expires. Before going to the deposit page, touch the promotional banner to apply any applicable deals.

Please be aware that not all promotions will apply to your account. Check again shortly if the Store page still does not include any discounts that interest you.

To wrap it up:

You can use different promo codes on skillz app and earn bonus cash. Once you created your own account, you will have your own unique code too. You can share it with others and earn extra when someone uses it. All the mentioned skillz solitaire promo codes works and has given extra cash to a lot of players online. Let us know if you get yours too!