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What is Cube Cube Skillz? – Win money!

Cube cube is “sort of like tetris without gravity,” as the blurb puts it. Although the game’s rules are straightforward, achieving victory may require complex strategic thought. Over 12,000 users have given cube cube positive reviews on the App Store, giving it an average rating of 4.6 stars.

It’s laudable that such a seemingly straightforward puzzle game calls for such intricate tactics. The board can be filled, cleared, or scored on to determine a winner.

To score points and clear the board, you’ll want to fill rows either horizontally or vertically. It’s possible to clear several rows at once and rack up “combo bonuses” if you play wisely. You will receive a “streak bonus” if you successfully complete four consecutive rows of turns. Payouts like these are the key to achieving financial success.

Cash tournaments for Cube Cube are hosted on the skillz esports platform. Skillz is a competitive gaming platform that partners with a wide range of companies to offer users the chance to win millions of dollars in real cash prizes. There are many, one of which is financial stability.

Cube Cube is a game app available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, or the Samsung Galaxy Store. It’s possible that the multiplayer features of the app store version are exclusive to the iOS version, and not the Google Play version.

Can You Really Make Money Playing Cube Cube?

If you play Cube Cube, you have a chance to win cash prizes, but there is no guarantee that you will actually win any money. Playing Cube Cube is a great way to earn some extra cash, but it probably won’t turn you into a millionaire any time soon.

Cube Cube offers both free and paid game modes. If you’re looking to win money, it’s probably best to compete in cash tournaments. This necessitates either topping off your account with real money or earning bonus funds in-game through means such as referring new players. When playing for fun, however, you can use Z coins (the in-game currency) to play practice matches without spending real money.

Free and paid game modes both have entry requirements. If the entry fee is higher, the prize pool should also be higher. For instance, in a cash game, the buy-in could be sixty cents and the prize dollar. Another possibility is that the entry fee is $165 and the prize is $265.

Similarly, practice games follow this format, but with Z coins as both the prize and the entry fee. Both the entry fee and the potential payout range from 1 to 300 Z coins.

Playing games also awards you with tickets redeemable for goods and services in the Skillz Rewards store. Prizes can be anything from clothing and electronics to gift cards and stickers to jewellery and cars.

How to play? – Cube cube

To earn points in the time-sensitive puzzle game Cube Cube, players must stack cubes in a pattern reminiscent of Tetris. Whoever has the most points when the game is over is the winner.

Each player receives three blocks at once, all of which must be used on their respective game boards. You earn more points for completing more rows and columns of blocks. Doing so will remove the entire row or column from the board. You’ll be given a new set of three blocks after you’ve successfully set the first three.

The block shapes are chosen at random from a pool that includes Tetris-style blocks. Given the wide range of block dimensions, it could be prudent to account for larger blocks. There may not be enough room for one if it doesn’t appear that way.

Earning points is as simple as clearing a row or column or placing a block. The most efficient method of scoring points, however, is most likely to be through the use of combo or streak bonuses. Combos allow you to clear out multiple adjacent rows or columns simultaneously. Streaks are earned when a row or column is cleared on two consecutive turns.

An important part of any game is its potential ending. The game lasts for the allotted time (typically three minutes) or until your move pool is depleted, whichever comes first.

Game modes in cube cube- how they work?

The various Cube Cube game modes are listed below:


Utilize Z coins to compete against another player. Z coins, tickets, and medals are among the rewards.


Use your available cash to play against another player. There are cash, tickets, and medals as prizes.

VS friends:

Use your cash balance to play a game against someone on your friends list. Tickets and cash are awarded as prizes.


Play using your cash balance or Z coins against three or more opponents. Prizes might come in the form of money, Z coins, tickets, or medals.


Play a match in a multiplayer tournament where you’ll need to spend real money. Tickets and money are common prizes at events, but the specifics vary depending on the occasion.

Once you’ve played a specific number of games, you’ll unlock access to Leagues. This is a free competition open to all players, with separate Professional and Casual divisions depending on your preferred gameplay settings.

Gamers can enter Leagues once they have amassed enough medals. As you collect more medals, you’ll rise in the rankings. Contrast this with the professional scene, where players compete not for Z coins but for a cash prize. The rankings are reset after a certain amount of time has passed.

Yes, all skillz games are free to download and you have the freedom to choose to play with money or just to past time

Is Cube cube legit?

This app is legitimate, and it could help you make some extra money. However, you won’t get rich playing this or any other app game for real money.
Skillz, a software developer with expertise in online multiplayer games, is behind the scenes of the Cube Cube app.

Skillz is an online mobile multiplayer competition platform used in a number of games for both iOS and Android. There is a great loyalty program built into the app that gives you stuff for playing, like rankings and trophies and maybe even some real money or virtual currency.

You interested in giving it a shot? To get a copy, click here. Anyone who is new to Cube Cube and has played for an hour can get a $10 bonus on their first deposit.

Tips and tricks on Skillz Cube Cube – The best way to win!

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