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How to withdraw money from any skillz games? – Detailed and easy to follow guide!

Skillz app

To create an eSport, developers may utilize the Skillz platform to adapt a mobile game. There are presently 18 million active users on Skillz and roughly 13,000 developer partners. Over 800 million competitions have been held on Skillz. Every day, Skillz hosts almost two million competitions for games like Solitaire Cube, Bubble Shooter, and Dominoes. About half of its users are male and half are female. Depending on each player’s level of expertise, they are paired together. All of its games may be recorded and streamed thanks to the Skillz platform’s ability to “produce gaming clips and highlights.”

The Skillz multiplayer platform has been included into a number of titles. One creator of Skillz games, Tether Studios, used the Skillz platform to include a cash-rewarding competitive mode into their Solitaire Cube game.

Here are detailed ways to withdraw on skillz:

1.) When you launch the application, the hamburger menu will appear in the upper right corner.

hamburger menu

2.) To access your account, open the menu by tapping.

3.) When you click WITHDRAW, you’ll see a screen that includes your name, address, and the amount of money in your account.

4.) And now, depending on your real Balance, you may manually enter your withdrawal amount.


  • All bonus funds are non-withdrawable.
  • If you made a deposit using a credit card or PayPal, that’s how you’ll get your withdrawal money returned. If you use a credit card to deposit money into the machine, any winnings will be credited back to that card.
  • Any winnings in excess of your initial payment will be delivered to you by cheque in the United States or PayPal elsewhere. If you used a credit card to make a $20 deposit and won $100, for instance, the card would be considered a winner. The remaining $80 will be sent to you in the form of a check after you make a withdrawal, but you’ll only be able to take $20 from your card.
  • While a withdrawal is pending, no further funds may be added to the account, but the withdrawal can be undone at any moment.
    Finally, be aware that there is a $1.50 fee for withdrawals that are less than $10.

Although they give their customers a 4-6 week window in which to expect their withdrawals or the check, most of the time it comes sooner than that.

How to reverse withdrawals?

You can reverse your withdrawal from the same screen where you initiated it.

1.) Open the app and you will see on the right top of your screen, the hamburger menu.

2.) Tap to open the menu and click on ACCOUNT.

3.) Choose WITHDRAW and it will show you a page with your name, address, and the balance in your account.

4.) Then type in your User ID, the withdrawal amount, and the date of the withdrawal request in your message.


Withdrawal on skillz -Why does it take 4-6 weeks to receive the check?

To prevent any player from gaining an unfair advantage, Skillz app takes additional precautions and security procedures before processing any Withdrawal requests. When a player requests a withdrawal, Skillz’s advanced fraud-detection technology examines their activity on the site and in their account to verify their identity. Skillz runs in this fashion so that all winners may have their prizes delivered to their homes.

Where will the check be sent?

Your withdrawal cheques will be sent to the address you entered in the Skillz app. A member of the support team will contact you if you provide an address that is either missing information or is formatted incorrectly.

You should double-check that your address and other personal data are correct and up-to-date before filing a withdrawal request.

Haven’t receive check? Is Skillz a scam?

It usually takes one to two weeks for the skillz withdrawal to show up. But sometimes they take a little longer than intended due to things like mail delays or other unexpected complications. If you have not received the check matching to your withdrawal within four weeks after getting confirmation that it has been completed, please contact support.

You can send them an email at [email protected].

Now that you understand that all skillz games are legit and that you can earn money by playing the games. Here are some games to get you started:

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