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Tips and tricks on bubble shooter – Fun way to earn money

Although it seems simple at first glance, Bubble Shooter is really rather challenging. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. If it were as simple as it seems, I’d have a hard time explaining why people find it so entertaining and compelling to play. As a result of the game’s difficulty, there are strategies players may use to improve their scores and odds of winning.


1. Create and detach hanging clusters

In order to win a round of Bubble Shooter, you must pop all of the bubbles before time runs out. To do this, either directly fire the bubbles and explode them or remove them from the puzzle. If a bubble loses its connection to another, it will descend to the bottom of the screen, where it will burst. As a result, you may quickly pop a lot of bubbles in a row with a small number of bullets.

What’s more, unpopped bubbles are worth less points than burst ones, and disconnected bubbles are worth more. So, the more you can emotionally distance yourself, the better.

2. Increase your shooting range by aiming at the walls

If you fire a bubble against a wall, it will bounce off and take a different path. Changing your shot’s trajectory enables you to strike and bust bubbles that would otherwise be out of reach.

Therefore, the walls are one of the most significant factors in Bubble Shooter strategy. Aiming towards the walls will help you see how the bounce will effect your shot. If you want to make or pop a cluster of hanging bubbles, keep an eye on which ones you can reach with the bounce but not with a direct shot.

3. Bounce your shot between the walls

In a similar vein to the preceding piece of advice, you may also try bouncing your shot against the walls. A double or triple bounce drastically alters the shot’s trajectory while maintaining the distance to a minimum.

When a wall of bubbles prevents you from shooting at bubbles in the puzzle’s centre, this strategy comes in handy.

4. Look closely for big groups with the same color

In order to make rapid and easy progress in Bubble Shooter, it’s a good idea to focus on popping large groups of bubbles at once. When bubbles of the same colour are linked together, it only takes one well-placed shot to burst them all.

When you eliminate a large cluster, you often get access to the puzzle’s top bubbles through a broad, unobstructed corridor. If the cluster spans the whole puzzle’s width, exploding it requires eradicating an entire row or rows of bubbles at once.

5. Construct a clear path

Skilled players of Bubble Shooter often use the tactic of clearing a route across the levels. Due to your limited supply of bubble-bursting ammo, you cannot hope to explode each bubble one at a time and in order of their closeness to your weapon. You need to maximize the effectiveness of each shot by popping or separating as many bubbles as possible.

As such, you should aim to clear a route to either a large bubble group of the same hue or the top rows of the puzzle, where you may attempt to destroy it from above by building hanging groups and then detaching them.

6. Clear the walls

By bouncing the bubbles off the walls, you may explode ones that are out of reach with a direct hit. You need access to walls to use them as a rebounding surface, however.

If you want to win in Bubble Shooter, you should focus on clearing the side bubbles first so that your bubbles may bounce higher. Further, if you keep clearing the puzzle’s edges, a large cluster of hanging bubbles will form in the middle, allowing you to effortlessly eliminate multiple rows at once by severing the link between them.

7. Switch the color of your shot

The option to switch the colour of the bubble you’re shooting is a standard feature in Bubble Shooter games, but it’s surprisingly easy to forget. Fair warning: you can only switch to the next shooting bubble after using the one you’re now using.

To avoid wasting a shot on a bubble with no matching colour in range, you can, for instance, aim for the one that would clear the way earliest.

8. Avoid stacking

Sometimes, in Bubble Shooter, the strategy of replacing the current shooting bubble with the next one doesn’t work as well as you’d want. When playing Bubble Shooter, it might be difficult to acquire the colour you need or want to shoot. Another good reason to use a strategy in Bubble Shooter is that you cannot hope to succeed at the game by randomly exploding bubbles until you have cleared the board.

Because of this, there will inevitably come a time when you have to “waste” bullets waiting for the ideal shade. The ideal tactic in such a situation is to disperse your bullets throughout the breadth of the problem rather than stacking them.

There are two potential drawbacks of stacking. If your puzzle piece falls and hits the bar where your weapon is, you lose. With enough stacking, you can make a long “stalactite” that aims right for the bar. Your next shot might be ruined by a single misstep, and the game could be lost.

The second is that the act of stacking produces a wall of bubbles that rises vertically in the puzzle. Depending on its placement, this wall might obstruct vital bubbles or render the bouncing walls ineffective.

9. Create easily detachable groups

When playing Bubble Shooter, it’s best to disperse “unwanted” bubbles throughout the board rather than stacking them, as was suggested in the preceding hint. However, with enough strategy, you may transform these bubbles into valuable items that can boost your score.

The key is to position them such that they are either directly above a large cluster of bubbles of the same colour, or in the middle of two bubbles of the same colour. What this indicates is that you need just one more bubble to burst that cluster or pair. The “unwanted” bubble(s) you linked to them will collapse whenever you bust them, earning you bonus points.

10. Be quick or be patient

Both easy and difficult modes exist in the genre of online Bubble Shooter games. Either time is a factor and the top of the puzzle drops as time passes, or ammo is restricted so that you need to carefully plan your shots to prevent running out and losing.

That’s why, to win in Bubble Shooter, you either need to be fast and explode the bubbles before the ceiling drops, or you need to be patient and consider carefully before you fire.

It’s interesting to note that all the previous Bubble Shooter strategies hold true regardless of the difficulty level. Whether you’re short on time or resources, these strategies can help you come up with a successful game plan.

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How does Bubble Shooter Arena work?

Playable alone or in global tournaments against other humans, Bubble Shooter Arena is a playful take on the traditional bubble-shooting genre.
The game’s objective is straightforward: burst bubbles for points. Aim and fire coloured bubbles into the board to eliminate as many clusters of identical bubbles as possible. An increase in score occurs when more bubbles are destroyed. You may maximize your final score by racking up combinations and extra points.

This game’s rules are easy to learn, but you’ll need to make strategic decisions to come out on top.
In the “multiplayer” mode, players compete head-to-head against one another for points. Multiplayer bubble shooter battles often run about three minutes.
The fantastic news for those of us who possess iPhones and iPads is that Bubble Shooter Arena now available for download from the Apple AppStore. The game may not be available in the Google Play Store, but there are APK versions available so that Android users may enjoy it as well.