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Playing solitaire cube on the skillz app will put you in the running for cash prizes in an online tournament.
A race to the finish. This app makes it possible to play the classic card game Solitaire on your iPhone or Android device. You can earn more points by beating the clock and completing the game in record time.

There is no cost involved in downloading it or signing up to use it. Have fun for as long and as often as you like without worrying about a bill. You must add funds to your account before placing any real money wagers. You’ll need at least ten bucks to get in the door right now.

How to Play:

In this game, speed is everything! The goal of the game is to put all the cards in order by suit (hearts, diamonds, spade and clover) and numbers including the face cards.

win on solitaire cube
At the start of each game, a 5-minute timer starts. 
solitaire timer
There are two types of playing cards, both of which have faces but differ in number. Face cards include the king, queen, and jack. The number cards range from 2 to 10, with the numbers written on the front. The cards must be arranged in descending order from ace to king, then from jack to 10, and finally from 10 to ace, with the colours of the cards alternating as per the rules. (For instance, red, black, red, black, or black, red, black, red).
solitaire rules
For each card you bank from the live board, you get a point.
Remember! As the deck is drawn from, you will begin to lose points. You should press the “finish” button if you can’t figure out how to win the game. It’s possible to earn bonus points for winning the game early.

Download Solitaire cube for FREE!

If you haven’t had a chance to play Solitaire cube yet, you can download it here for iOS or Android. The best way to begin in Skillz Solitaire cube and comprehend the game is to download the Skillz application, sign up, and then begin practicing with z coins.

Tips and tricks on playing Solitaire cube

Tip #1

The clock will not start counting down until you make your first move. You should plan ahead carefully.

Tip #2

All aces should be placed at the top of the foundation stack right away. No dragging please; only clicking is allowed.

Tip #3

If you decide to play a King on the empty space, make sure the next card you draw is the one that will trigger your next action. If that’s the case, hold off on moving the Kings.

Tip # 4

Find out what’s hiding under the kings by pressing the Undo button. Also, if you feel like your previous action wasn’t the best, click the button.

Tip # 5

Start building the foundation pile whenever possible. BE FAST AS YOU CAN AND FOCUS ON THE CARDS.      

For more tips and tricks watch this video.

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Solitaire cube- Is it legit? How to win money?

Solitaire cube is 100% legit and you can win money by:

The Practice League is free to join, but it will take a very long time before you start seeing any improvements from your efforts there.

If you want to start winning bigger sums of money in the Pro League of Solitaire Cube, it is in your best interest to make a small deposit. Minimum deposit is only $10 and can be made via PayPal, credit card, or Apple Pay.

There are two game modes:

Practice League:

This is a breeze. To hone your abilities, you can play as many of our free games as you like. You can use your Ticketz to buy anything from swag to brand new vehicles like the Porsche Boxter, and your Z Coins can be used to play even more games. (But keep in mind that this takes a very long time to establish.)

Pro League:

This is the real moneymaker. Once you’ve made a deposit, you’ll have access to the cash events and can start competing against other players right away.
Once you link your bank account to your PayPal account, you’ll have instant access to your funds. This guarantees that your funds are readily available and secure at all times.

How to score in Solitaire Cube?

The outcome of a game of Pyramid Solitaire Cube is determined by the order in which the cards are dealt and drawn from the draw pile. Good grades are above the 3,000 mark, and outstanding grades are over the 4,000 mark. There are three ways to score big in Pyramid Solitaire Cube:

Your starting point is the aggregate of all possible combination scores. The score is +150 if both cards in the pair came from the pyramid; +100 if one card came from the pyramid and the other from the Draw pile; +50 if both cards came from the Draw pile.
Clearing the card pyramid as quickly as possible earns you a bonus, the size of which is directly related to how quickly the pyramid is cleared. Once the pyramid cards are gone, every card in the draw pile is worth 50 points more.
It’s to your advantage to score as many points as possible in the four minutes allotted for each fight. Complete the task and receive +4 bonus points for every second that passes after the task is complete.

Conclusion and Reminders:

This competitive take on the classic card game, Pyramid Solitaire Cube, is deceptively simple. When there are many participants in a game or tournament, players will compete against one another. You can climb the global leaderboards, win medals and real or digital prizes, and receive other benefits for competing against players from all over the world. The game is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Winning can be difficult if you don’t have any plans, but you can improve your odds significantly by studying winning strategies.

In order to avoid unfair pairings, players are paired with others whose skills complement their own. This means that whenever you play a game with multiple players or go head-to-head with other human players, you will only be matched with those of similar skills. After all, playing the game should be a lot of fun.

  • Take all the cards out of the middle.
  • Pair up the cards and make 13-card combinations to get rid of them.
  • The Draw pile and the Table can be used to make pairs.
  • Save your cards for later use in Free Cell.
  • Each fight can only go on for four minutes.