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Tips and tricks on big buck hunter – The best way to win!

Players over 17 can download the Skillz game Big Buck Hunter Marksman, which was created in association with Play Mechanix.

After downloading, you will be taken to the game’s tutorial. Tap and hold the scope while aiming. Your sight has a timer, and each shot has a specific amount of Slow-Mo Time. Once the timer expires, you’ve missed the opportunity.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. For the perfect shot and to improve your marksmanship, shot angle is essential. Aim for significant targets inside the deer for a perfect shot.
  2. Keep in mind that shooting Does will result in a penalty.
  3. Gaining bonus points requires maintaining your Marksman Streak by hitting successive head and heart targets.
  4. Aim low and fire frequently since the less shots it takes to kill everything, the better your score will be.
  5. Fire your weapon precisely and quickly.
  6. Shots to the heart or head have a higher success rate and yield more points.
  7. There is a finite amount of slow-mow time for each shot. Use it sensibly.
  8. There will be point penalties for shooting (deer without antlers). No shooting at the does!
  9. Gain points by shooting bucks (deer with antlers)!
  10. It will take more shots to kill a deer with rounds to the body or limbs as opposed to the head or heart.
  11. Longer and more accurate shots will get you more points.
  12. To score additional points, shoot Critters.
  13. Avoid the X’s and go for the red, blue, and gold bonus objectives.

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How to play Big buck hunter for free

My early games proved that players may play without spending any money if they gain Ticketz and use them to play “Practice” games. Free spins and other extra features may be unlocked at times. Second place gets 1 Ticketz.

If they are first, they will earn two Ticketz. Some of the best rewards demand a significant number of Ticketz, which may be converted into actual money. As an example, you may buy a Skillz sweater for anywhere from $540 to $20,000 in Ticketz, or for $1 in bonus currency. This implies that you will need to earn $1 in order to be able to participate in legal tournaments. Using 150K Ticketz, a player may join a league with a prize pool of almost $10,000.

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What is the price of Big Buck Hunter: Marksman?

Big Buck Hunter is a free to play Skillz game, just like all of others. The fact that these games are powered by the Skillz platform allows users to compete for real money prizes.

Free Games: Practice games are available on ticketz for no cost. Per game, the winner receives two tickets, while the runner-up receives one ticket. In the Skillz shop, you can use ticketz to get actual prizes.

Real Money Games: You need $0.6 to play real money games, and winners receive $1 and 50 tickets. Additionally, you can participate in activities and earn up to $200 and 150 tickets.

To Sum it up:

You can play the game fro free and earn real money by using Z coins. It only takes patience and skills to start earning for real. Follow the steps above and thanks us later. More winnings to come gamers!!!