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How to Win at Cube and Win Real Money: Tips & Tricks

One of the most important things to do before playing a game is to familiarize yourself with the scoring system. So, here’s how the Skillz Cube works:

Every time you put a block on the board, you’ll get 10 points. Four-square blocks, for instance, are worth 40 points. Each completed row or column is worth 100 points. Combine with other players to get additional points worth up to 2,100. Accumulate bonus streak points up to and including 7,650.


  • In our timed competitions, every move counts.
  • Each fight gives you three minutes to get as many points as possible.
  • Remove many rows with a single swipe to rack up combination points.
  • Gain Streak Bonuses by completing consecutive row clears.
  • While bonuses are crucial to achieving success, they also have the potential to jam up the board.


  • Starting from a corner, construct as closely as possible to one side of the board.
  • Figure out which parts complement one another, and keep an eye out for complementary forms.
  • If you’re hosting a tournament with several participants, remember that you can never predict what size or shape will come next.
  • When stacking the forms, it’s important to have a component that can accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes, such as 33s, 5 long lines, and others. If you must lose potential streaks to make room for it, do so; losing a point is better than losing the game.
  • Streak play is preferable than combo play since it results in more points. You should continue your streak until you can’t start another one.
  • If you just need to clear one piece to go on to the next round and you do not have an active streak, you should always clear on the third move.

To learn more about Cube Cube:

Is Cube Cube Worth Your Time?

If you like puzzles and games like Tetris, it’s possible you’d enjoy this. If money is your primary motivation, however, you’d be better off buying a lottery ticket or devoting your time to anything else.

How much money can one make on Cube Cube?

One may play Cube Cube for no cost or for real money. If you’re looking to make some quick cash, participating in cash tournaments is a fantastic bet. You may achieve this by increasing your cash balance via investments or extra cash obtained during games, such as by recommending friends. When playing for fun, though, you may spend Z coins (the in-game money) to play practice matches.

There are a number of entry points into the game’s free and premium tiers. Typically, competitions with more stringent entry requirements offer more valuable awards. For instance, if the buy-in for a cash game is $0.60 and the prize is $1, the player will break even. Another possibility is a payout of $265 and a $165 entry fee.

To sump it up:

You can now play and earn at the same time online. Just follow our tips and tricks and surely you will earn extra. Let us know if these works and if you have additional cheats share them here. Good luck gamers and more winnings to come!