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Download Skillz games – Easy steps for Android users

android skillz games

With an Android smartphone, you may quickly and easily get your hands on Skillz games. There are a few more hoops to go through if this is your first time. Don’t worry, Skillz will never sell or abuse your information, and our applications won’t do anything bad to your phone.  

So, what exactly are Skillz Games?

In 2012, Andrew Paradise established Skillz Inc. in Boston as a video game studio. What began less than a decade ago has grown to become the first publicly listed mobile eSports platform, with annual sales of over $375 million. Now headquartered in California, Skillz Games organizes mobile eSports championships for millions of gamers all around the world every year. You may get the app for your Android or iOS smartphone. It serves as a hub where players may access games created by various studios. There are competitive mobile games where you can win real money, and you may search for genres and new games of skill, as well as observe other players. The Skillz app will point you in the direction of the relevant gaming app store when you locate a game you want to play. As you go through the various games, you’ll be grouped with others who are at around the same skill level as you are. You can discover classic games, new online skill games, and pretty much every other form of game you can think of, whether you are an experienced player or just searching for a fun way to spend time.

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Easy steps to download a skillz game

The app version of the Skillz Games platform is available for no cost. After downloading the app, you may browse the many options for skill games that you can play for real money. Here are some easy steps top to download if you are an android user:

1. Pick Your Game

Get a Skillz game from their website click here. You may skip to step number three if you accessed the Skillz website from an Android smartphone and ignore the second step.

2. Scan The QR Code

A page for the Skillz game will load, and from there you may scan its QR code. Put it in the scanner app on your Android and scan it.

3. Get The Game

If you have an Android smartphone, you can scan this QR code to access the Skillz website directly from your device’s browser. Simply choose “Get” to proceed with the download.

4. Download Anyway

Once you choose “Get,” a window will pop up asking for permission to begin downloading. Simply choose “Download Anyway” to proceed.

5. Click Install

The Skillz game APK file will be downloaded to your mobile device after you choose “Download Anyway.” The notification space is where you’ll be able to monitor your download’s status. Then, after the installation Hit the “Install” button to carry on.

6. Tap Open

When the download and installation are complete, you can launch the game by selecting “Open” from the app’s main menu.

7. Play and start winning!

As soon as you choose “Open,” your Skillz app will begin loading and you’ll be able to begin playing.

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Are Skillz games Legit?

Skillz-based gaming has a long and well-documented legal, social, and economic background. From the earliest days of board games to the most prestigious athletic events, players have always had the chance to compete against others based on their skills in skillz games. Because Skillz-powered games can be easily distinguished from games of chance, they are lawful in most of the United States. Related article about skillz games:

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How Much Does it cost to play skillz games on Android?

There is no cost to play or download Skillz games. Skillz allows users to compete in multiplayer tournaments for either free or real money. Free Tournaments: Players may earn “Z,” the game’s virtual money, by completing various tasks and completing missions. You may go up the rankings if you win tournaments for free games. To prepare for the stakes of playing for real money, you may utilize this as a dry run. To participate in real money games, a monetary deposit through a credit card, Apple Pay, or a PayPal account is required. Tournament participants have the chance to win both cash and Skillz swag.  

The Bottom line:

There is not much hassle in downloading skillz games for android users. Just follow the steps above and you are good to go. Skillz has a lot of games, like puzzles, card games, board games, sports games, action games, and even bingo. The best game for one person can’t also be the best game for someone else. You can try any Skillz game for free, and once you find the one you like best, it might be time to compete at a higher level.