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Updated Skillz promo codes- Codes for free cash!

Bonus cash

Updated Skillz promo codes- Codes for free cash!

Skillz promo codes: If you use your Bonus Cash to join tournaments, you have a chance to win real money. You can’t take out your bonus money after you’ve cashed out your real-money wins, and vice versa.The entrance fee is money that you pay to participate in a match. Ninety percent in cold, hard cash, with the remaining ten percent as bonus cash.

If you win, we’ll return your entry money in the same way you originally paid for it (split between real and Bonus Cash). There is an admission fee, but the prizes up for grabs are cold, hard cash.

Here are some codes to earn bonus:

  • UGqaz = $10
  • LuckyEvie163 = $10
  • QZNRL 1 = $10
  • 76047 = $10
  • SQWD47 =$20

*Note: Skillz promo code are being updated 24/7. So always check back in and enjoy bonuses!

How to earn more bonus cash on skillz?

Bonus cash

The amount of Bonus Cash you receive may be increased by inviting friends to join Skillz. Use your chosen Skillz app to make this happen. Slide the menu out from the right side of the screen. Click SHARE, then FREE BONUS CASH, to begin. Your one-of-a-kind invitation link may be sent by SMS, email, or any other form of electronic communication. Each of you will get Bonus Cash if a friend of yours uses the invite link you gave them to make their first deposit into Skillz.

Some of the trophies include monetary incentives in addition to the bragging rights. If you enter the drop-down menu on Skillz’s main screen and tap Trophies, you can see how far along you are in your quest to collect them. After obtaining a trophy, you may collect your prize by selecting the “Claim Prize” option.

Limited time offer! skillz promo codes

Bonus cash is provided via a promotional offer from Skillz. Email and in-app advertisements for them are common. If you want to know about the newest sales and discounts, sign up for Skillz’s email newsletter.

To subscribe, start the Skillz app of your choice and tap “Subscribe” from the menu that appears on the right side of the screen. By selecting the checkbox labelled “I agree to being contacted about Skillz goods and offers” under Account > Personal Info, you are giving Skillz permission to contact you on items and offers that qualify for Skillz discount codes.

Discounts and sales may be found in the Skillz app’s Store. Specifically, it will reveal how much time is left until the offer expires. Prior to proceeding to the page where you make your deposit, you must first touch on the promotional banner to instantly apply the deal.

Take note that not every player can take advantage of every promotion. If there are no discounts shown on the Store’s current promotions screen. You may want to refresh their website and give it another try.

Now that you gather skillz promo codes, it is time to use them. Visit Games on skillz and win big!