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Pool Payday – an honest review (legit gamer)

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Pool Payday – an honest review (legit gamer)

If you’re in the mood to have some fun, go over to an online pool site where you may play for free or compete for real money. A surprising amount of these games are really available to play online inside the actual app. Pool Payday is one such software that enables players to play online pool for cash prizes.

These days, you can get an app for just about any game you can imagine and play it online. Play pool online with the Pool Payday app. Isn’t it more satisfying to hear the pool balls clatter against one other and fall into the pockets when playing with real people? To my dismay, that is not the case. Would using it help you improve as a player? Not at all true. Instead, you could find exciting competition and even financial incentive by playing pool through a smartphone app.

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What is Pool Payday?

Pool Payday, available on the App Store and Galaxy Store, replicates the feel of a real pool hall in virtual form. Hidden Pixel Games, LLC, which was established by Mike Marr and Brian Goble, developed it. A new game called Hidden Pixel was released in 2017, and shortly after that, Pool Payday was released.

The social aspect of pool payday is what really gets people together. This game can be found on the skillz app and is very popular. Skillz runs billions of online tournaments each month with rewards totaling millions of dollars and attracts millions of participants from all over the globe. Blackout Bingo, Dominoes Gold, and other fun games are also among the many popular ones that make use of Skillz.

70,000+ users have evaluated Pool Payday in the App Store, giving it an average rating of 4.6 stars. As one of the greatest pool games available, it is ranked as one of the top 25 Casino applications in the App Store. The app has been downloaded over 1,200 times and has received an average rating of 4.5 stars in the Galaxy Store. Reviews of pool payout consistently praise it as a “excellent app” or “amazing game.”

When you initially start the game, you’ll be prompted to create an account. The next stage, like in other games powered by Skillz, is to create an avatar and go through a tutorial before playing a practice game. If you give it a few minutes, you’ll find that it’s not as difficult as you thought it would be at first.

Launch the game and spend your Zcoins or deposited funds. More matches played means more trophies won and more incentives earned each day. Infinite lives mean more chances to play the game and collect Z coins.

Outscoring your opponent is a common strategy for winning Pool Payday. The score system is different for each game style. Rules such as getting the correct balls into the correct pockets are common.

You may also boost your score by making strategic use of the game’s key features. Something like making a trick shot or putting the ball in a certain pocket. If you do not pocket a ball or scratch, you will lose one of your three beginning cue balls (pocket the cue ball). When the timer runs out, the balls are pocketed, or the cue balls are used up, the game is done.

Playing games with Z coins won’t earn you real money, but you could win tickets that can be redeemed for prizes at the Skillz Rewards store. Rewards might be anything from cash to merchandise to tech to apparel. When you turn in your tickets, you’ll have a cash bonus added to your account. If you have a large enough balance, you may participate in cash games and try to win actual cash.


Pool Payday is much like any other gaming software in that it offers a rewards system. To win, you need to outdo your competition, share with your friends, and use your discounts. Spending a great deal of time and energy on a game does not, however, ensure victory. If you gamble, you run the risk of losing a lot of money since the stakes are usually high.

Avoid losing any money by sticking to the Z-coin free play mode. Unfortunately, it will be more time-consuming to amass enough tickets. Get free money and play cash games by trading in.

It is more economical to pay with cash. The standard payout for a winning ticket is $1 for a $.60 stake. However, if you’re able to spend a little, the premium features are fantastic. For example, a contest with a $150 prize pool would cost $3 to participate, but one with a $8 award would cost just $1. This is because the best scorers in the game will share a prize fund worth more than $700.



You can play just about every game you can think of online now using an app. The Pool Payday app also allows you to play pool online. Do you get the same thrill from it as you would from playing a genuine game of pool and hearing the balls clack and drop into the pockets? However, that’s not exactly the case. Is it anything that might assist you get a better score? Absolutely not. However, you may find some good competition and perhaps win a few dollars by playing pool on a mobile app. Click here to get more information on Pool Payday.